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The Wall Poems - Art project in Chernivtsi

Project dates|01.09.2015 - ongoing

“The Wall Poems” is an ongoing project of NGO ITTA, which we started from Chernivtsi, Ukraine.The project aims at communicating messages of social importance through poetry. We use streets as media for wider public to see the city space, as well as poetry from a brand new perspective.

Currently the project is represented by four artworks, created by four local calligraphers with the assistance of volunteers of NGO ITTA. Every artwork is a poem of a modern Ukrainian poet written on a city wall.

Objectives of the project:

  • Promote modern Ukrainian poetry and familiarise local citizens with pieces of Ukrainian authors.
  • Explore the role of the city as media for delivering art.
  • Promote local artists.
  • Show how old shabby city walls can be renovated using creative ideas.

The Wall Poems drew significant attention from the local press and the community. The project was supported and co-funded by local businesses.